Ottawa Modern Jewish School Website


Ottawa Modern Jewish School is a contemporary school that provides a stimulating, enjoyable and high quality Jewish education. In addition to its regular Sunday school curriculum, they host other events, such as movie night, parent meetings, etc.  The new website has an event management plugin [...]

FeyaSoft Website Design


FeyaSoft is a Private Cloud computing company which provides main product CubeDrive. CubeDrive private cloud computing solution includes online office (spreadsheet, presentation and cubeWord), online events (calendar, schedule and task), social network (friends, group and organization), CRM, project management, flow chart and strong sharing system [...]

UI Design for The Waterloo Global Science Initiative


The Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI) would like to highlight on a virtual map of the world examples of best practices that put society on a path to a low carbon electricity future in 2030 as described by the Equinox Summit that they organized and [...]