WordPress Web Design Company Located in Ottawa

We guide not-for-profit organizations how to best leverage WordPress site to, how to improve your operation and generate dramatic and successful results.

We build websites to drive your mission forward.

Our passion is to make more of an impact by helping nonprofit organizations with a mission to help improve the planet and communities.


Get practical tips for WordPress and web design for Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Is your website helping you achieve your mission?

Struggling with these common problems?

Losing potential supporters

Your website is confusing, and your visitors get frustrated with finding information.

Losing revenue online

Your website is just an online brochure and cannot create clear pathways for action.

Costing too much

Difficult to manage the website and your staff is wasting their time in fixing it.

Not working...

Your site is outdated, not mobile-friendly and has some errors that you have no idea.

We make a website that works as hard as you do.

Your website should be a nifty business tool to solve your problems.

Boost fundraising

We provide complete online donation solutions for all your fundraising needs and a powerful donation platform optimized for online giving.

Generate online revenue

Your website is a business tool to help you generate revenue, PR, and partnerships. You will have a powerful recruiting and fundraising tool available24/7.

Drive more people to your site

We offer SEO training so that you can plan internet marketing strategies and make sure your site stands out from all of the other competitors on the internet.

Increase membership

A beautiful website design is important, but you can’t lose sight of what your website is really for: to convert traffic into donations, phone calls, membership submissions and sales.

Get people involved

With the right features, your website can be a portal through which people learn about, engage with, and support your cause.

and more.

Our primary goal is to make your website successful and help you achieve your business goals.