Bulk Carrier Pamphlet Design


Client: Hakodate Dock Ltd.

Hakodate Dock Ltd. was founded in Hakodate, Japan in 1896. It has met various needs and demands for shipbuilding, ship repair, bridge construction as the largest heavy industry company in Hokkaido. It designed and built its new bulk carrier and wanted to market the product to North America and Europe. It is a large corporation, yet it didn’t have a design capacity in house to produce visually compelling sales materials.  Even though we are located the other side of the globe with 13-hour time difference, they trusted our skills and experiences and hired us to produce this pamphlet.  Especially, when we work with overseas’ clients, setting up a project timeline in the early stage is very critical, and maintaining clear communications and scheduling weekly conference calls via Skype was necessary in order to move the project smoothly and effectively.