Free Web Audit Service responding to COVID-19

Free Website Audit in Response to COVID-19

These are challenging times for everyone and nobody should be left behind. Zen Ideas decided to offer our web audit service for free, and instead, we ask you to donate to Ottawa Food Bank for the most vulnerable families in Ottawa.

WordPress Web Evaluation Service

Discover problems with your website and how to solve them.

Is your website performing as you expect?

Is your website working as hard as you do?
If your website is underperforming, it could be a wide range of reasons that you want to look into.

Much like your car, house and PC, your website can and will go wrong from time to time. Identifying and rectifying problems with your website early saves expensive repair down the line and ensure optimal performance.

Is your website healthy?

Is your website secure?

Is your website SEO friendly?

Is your website fast?

Why web analysis is important?

Many website errors and SEO problems are completely hidden, such as bad coding. Other problems are virtually unknown to everyone except those who live in web development and marketing strategies. Our audit finds all these problems and tells you exactly how to fix them. 

This session helped me a lot, especially with 30 min follow. That allowed us to get an audit on our current website which has revealed some issues that can be easily fixed in order to bring in more awareness and revenue.
Princess Ethan
Canada-Africa Community Health Alliance

Join us.

Our contribution is just a start. We hope that others might join in supporting more families in need. Together we can overcome this crisis! Stay healthy!