Free workbook: Quick Lead Magnet Builder for Nonprofits

Free Workbook

Quick Lead Magnet Builder for Nonprofits

Simple steps to growing your email list and attracting more supporters, members, donors, clients and more.

68% of Companies Admit to Struggling with Lead Generation

Lead generation is the lifeline of your sales machine. Without leads it will dry up and die, taking your business with it.

Whether you’re business, a solo consultant looking to make more sales, nonprofit organizations looking to gain more supporters or anything in between, this workbook will help.

In this worksheet, you will learn:

  • What lead magnet is.
  • Why lead magnet works. 
  • 4 easy steps to identify your ideal supporter, participants and influencers.
  • 3 steps to construct content for your lead magnet.
  • How to find and identify your inventory
  • How to use the 3-act structure to improve your content marketing

You can do less and achieve more

Often, resources are tight, and teams are small. Nonprofit employees tend to wear many hats, from covering a range of administrative tasks to marketing and communications. Does this sound like your organization?

I want to help with your marketing effort. That is why I created a workshop on Quick Lead Magnet Builder along with this free workbook. Learn a more effective way to attract your prospects and convert online traffic into loyal supporters, members, volunteers and more. 

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