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How to structure content on homepage for non-profit and charity organizations

Your homepage is critical, and most likely your visitors land on first and start browsing your website. Unfortunately, lots of nonprofits put a statement of “Who we are” or “About us,” then “What we do”…

But the homepage is where nonprofits should tell stories and engage with their clients and supporters. Typically, the following sections are that you would like to put on the homepage for nonprofit organizations.

  1. Value proposition: Tell visitors what the site is about.
  2. Your mission: Tell why your organization exists
  3. Programs, services and events: Inform how your organization helps clients.
  4. Results/Progress: Inform what impact or progress you have made.
  5. Social proof: Tell real stories or testimonials.
  6. Call to action: Inform how visitors can support (asking volunteers, donation, etc.).

Below wireframe is an example of a humane society homepage using the new content structure.

How to structure content on homepage for non-profit and charity organizations

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