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Increase your fundraising campaign with a simple thank-you page


Once your donors submitted their donation and completed the online transaction, a generic confirmation page loads to confirm their payment. You probably include a message something like “Thank you for donating $100 to support [your cause]. It is greatly appreciated”.
If you’re doing just that, you are missing a huge opportunity of doubling or tripling your fundraizing effort.

Create a custom Thank-you page, and you can invite the donors to advocate for your organization on social media channels. Encourage the donors to help influence others to also make a donation to your organization.

In this video, I will show you how to create a simple but effective thank-you page. All you need is the following three elements:
1) A thank-you message
2) A thank-you video (don’t worry. this is super easy, and you can create one with your phone)
3) Share button widget

The thank-you video that I used:

WordPress plugin (Elementor) that I use:

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Osamu Wakabayashi

Web Design Consultant for Nonprofits
He is all about helping nonprofit organizations leverage the power of the internet and do more things online so that they can grow their business. He led Ottawa UI/UX Meetup group with over 2,000 members to promote web designer communities in Canada. He is currently the organizer for Web for nonprofits Meetup group with over 200 nonprofit professionals and leaders in Ottawa.