Web Content Writing

Every brand has a story to tell. What’s yours?

The only difference between you and your competitors is that one has a better story.

As a mission-first organization, you are uniquely positioned to attract followers to your cause. A powerful story can help you build your brand and connect you with your audience. It is enduring, sticking in your customers’ minds. It is motivational, compelling people to take action. And, with new technologies and social media, your story is really shareable – It can reach bigger audiences faster.

Align your digital content with your mission. Discover new results

Attract followers with story-driven online content that aligns with your brand and with consistent messaging across all of your websites and channels.

At Zen Ideas, we take the time to listen to your needs and create engaging, original web copy that resonates with your users. We are committed to helping you enhance your online presence and reaching your business goals, whether they relate to fundraising, membership, promotions, or sales.

But a great story is not enough. To make sure your story reaches its intended audience with impact, your content must be created specifically for the web.

Web-friendly writing & design

Successful websites strike a balance between engaging content and beautiful, navigable design.

Traditional writing styles must be adapted for the web. Online content should be brief and scannable, surrounded by white space and powerful imagery.

At Zen Ideas, we strive for simple, clean design and high usability. Good design is not just about looking beautiful. Our focus is on building your website so that your audience can easily navigate the content.

We pay close attention to formatting and give just enough detail to encourage a visitor to take action. Your web content should also be easily found by Google.

Keyphrase-focused content, optimized for searches

Effective website development is both an art and science. Engaging content and beautiful design will be for nothing without relating that content to web search algorithms that drive website traffic.

We’ll help you develop the keywords that will actually be picked up by web searches and ensure that your website can be found. At Zen, we focus on the details, carefully weighing which keywords will yield the most ‘bang for your buck’ with search engines while resonating with your users.

With relevant, Google-friendly content, your visitors will be more engaged and your conversions will increase.

Find your voice. Build trust in your brand

Content is the best way to build trust and the fastest way to break it. Is your brand trustworthy?

Developing trust for your mission begins with your story. But it extends to your brand, your organization’s DNA – its heart and soul.

People judge brands based on their content. Earn their trust by engaging your visitors in your consistent voice.

By partnering with Zen, your content will be crafted in your unique voice. Become the authentic brand that users trust and engage with over the long-haul.

“Zen Ideas has been enormously helpful in while we’ve established a new WordPress site. Their training provided us with new insights and tools, and the ongoing guidance and troubleshooting assistance we’ve received has been essential while we further develop our WordPress skills.”
Nathan Battams
The Vanier Institute of the Family

How can we assist you?

Typically, your website helps your business grown and achieve your organization’s goals. We can discover your business objectives together and how your website helps maximize the reach and impact of you brand.