Web Design Discovery Blueprint

You want a website that works as hard as you do. Your website should be a nifty business tool to help you achieve your goals.

Don't whack up a website without much thought. Your website will end up with an online version of a brochure.

Before you make a big investment...

Let's develop a blueprint and identify your strategies and tactics together.

Design Discovery Blueprint session is a guided process that helps you quickly and easily create the critical elements of direct response campaign for your business. 

It is just a one-page canvas.

The one-page Web Design Discovery Blueprint canvas is designed to fill it in point form as you go through with me and end up with a personalized marketing plan for your business. 

Here’s what a blank one-page Design Discovery Blueprint canvas look like.

There are nine squares split up into the three major phases of the discovery process. Most great plays, movies and books are split up into a three-act structure and too is good discovery process. Let’s take a look into these three acts. 

The three phases of the discovery journey

The discovery process is a journey and there are three distinct phases that I want to guide you through. These phases are the Attract, Convert and Delight phases.  You can watch my short video below.

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.55.06 PM

What do you get at the end of the discovery process? You will have a clear vision and solutions for your website.

Attract marketing


1) Who my target audience (Participant, Supporters and Influencers) is.

2) My core vision statement. An aspirational description of what I aim to achieve in the future. 

3) The media I will use to reach my target audience.



4) My lead magnet (capture system).

5) My lead nurturing system.

6) My conversion strategy.



7) How I deliver a world-class experience.

8) How I increase my PSI lifetime value.

9) How I orchestrate and stimulate referrals.

YouTube video thumbnail for persona development

Here’s what other nonprofit clients are saying about the Design Process Blueprint.

"Our team had a better understanding of how to organize our thoughts in shaping goals for 2020 and how to implement it efficiently. We now have a clear target and inbound marketing-making vision clear and concise."
Gillian Gailey
Aphasia Centre of Ottawa
“Working with Osamu and Zen Ideas is always a pleasure. They give expert guidance and offer thoughtful solutions. Not only have they helped me build the various web sites I manage, they always teach me ways to think through potential opportunities and problems. Like the best trainers, Osamu coaches with humour, intelligence and compassion — and does it promptly and affordably!”
Elizabeth Todd Doyle
Canadian Art Gallery Educators

Let's find out what your website can do for you and your business.
Before investing your money and time, I want to make sure that your investment will be well spent.