The Canadian Family Policy Monitor

Accessible and Searchable Information Hub

Client: The Vanier Institute of the Family

Project website: https://policymonitor.vanierinstitute.ca/

The Canadian Family Policy Monitor provides an up-to-date, curated list of policy and program announcements from federal and provincial/territorial governments using a family lens. Through this resource bank, the Vanier Institute of the Family highlights initiatives, investments, funding announcements and policy news based on relevance to families and family life. With an ever evolving understanding of the diversity and complexity of families in Canada, applying a “family lens” includes considering how individuals and communities interact with and are impacted by social, economic, cultural and environmental forces.

This resource provides those who study, serve and support families with a searchable, accessible platform to efficiently monitor and research policy and program innovation, development, implementation and assessment taking place across Canada. Concise summaries are provided for each policy and program announcement, to allow users to quickly access information on specific topics, while links to the original source material provide further information.

What our client has to say

Osamu understands people-centered design. Active listening to understand our needs, agile prototyping to generate feedback iterations, and user testing to ensure the final product delivered capability advancement to a national non-profit. Scaled from English only prototype to a bilingual production platform. Those who have tried the product described the positive impact to their research and creative work, based on the value-added by their use of the product. Trained staff to self-maintain the platform. A great fit for our project. Thank you!
Russell Mann
Vanier Institute of the Family